Ashley Pike, Real Florida Landscapes Design Challenge award winner

Before this project, I had just been exposed to Florida-friendly landscaping™ principles. Native plants were the “better option when possible” was all I knew. It really helped, being forced to look at native options and dive into it. It’s really cool to see that natives connect to a place. [Now] I definitely know that good…

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Fall 2021 FIU Real Florida Landscapes Design Challenge

Mitzi Napoles selfie

Before this project, I was unaware of the importance of the type of plant chosen and where it is placed in a design. Very few people know how important native plants are, and the connection these plants have with the environment and wildlife. I know now. And I am without question inspired and motivated to…

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Go Native: the Business of Native Plants

Go Native the Business of Native Plants Podcast

a new podcast for those curious about starting a career or business with native plants with host Mitzy Sosa About our podcast Go Native is the first podcast to focus exclusively on what it takes to make it in the native plant industry, what is involved in running a native plant business and the many…

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