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Limited availability of native plants is a major obstacle to restoring nature

75% of our native plant species are not grown commercially

Most communities have little or no access to native plants or ecological landscape services


We're working to expand the availability of native plants and native plant professionals so communities everywhere can become more sustainable.

We seek to create a strong native plant industry supplying native plants for all uses by:

  • increasing awareness of the industry and its business and career opportunities
  • facilitating funding, business and technical assistance
  • supporting education and networking through industry events.

Clients include students, emerging professionals, career switchers, native plant startups and established nurseries interested in growing native plants. We work in Florida now, expanding to other areas as we are able, applying native plant business experience and strong ties with industry groups such as FANN, Florida Association of Native Nurseries.


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Restored Biodiversity

Native plants are found in urban, suburban, rural, and restored natural areas everywhere, and landscapes are filled with life.


Widespread Availability

Demand for native plants is strong and consistent, and the plants readily available. Native plant businesses are thriving, innovating, and expanding.

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Widespread Expertise

Native plant growers, native landscape professionals, and restoration experts are available in every community.


Native Plant Careers

Young people and career switchers are eagerly pursuing native plant careers because native plants and ecological landscaping are the norm.


There is a deep joy that comes from planting natives, seeing and learning how nature works, and knowing that you're supporting it. Native plant enthusiasts are rightfully passionate, and native plant nurseries often become cherished community institutions. One native plant enthusiast approached her local nursery owner to find out how she could help. Her support led to our founding by the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN). We work with FANN to bring new and young people into the native plant business, to create stronger, more consistent demand for native plants, and to develop a native plant industry that can meet that demand.

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Bruce Turley


Wilcox Nursery & Landscape

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Alyssa Lavoro

Vice President

Alexander Landscaping

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Tom Heitzman


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Terry Piper


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Jerry Fritz

Director at Large


Cammie Donaldson

Executive Director

We're a small nonprofit eager to expand our volunteer board. We're particularly interested in individuals with experience in building new businesses, markets and industries to serve people and communities that value nature, public health and sustainability. We are inclusive and welcoming. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us.