Spring 2019 Real Florida Design Challenge

The more I learn about the profession, the more my desire grows like wildfire. Landscape architecture is the keystone discipline that enables the innovative and sound designs of the future. My goal is to always educate the public about the benefits of native plants as well as to promote the use of native plants in design.

Andrew Davidson, Spring 2019 Real Florida Design Challenge Award Winner
Andrew Davidson’s all native plan for the courtyard entry to the 1900 Building, an office complex in downtown Melbourne, Florida.

Andrew Davidson seemed to understand the context of an urban office building and the reality of daily use and infrequent landscape maintenance. He presented the simplest plan, with the fewest species, but his plan is affordable, buildable and maintainable. Unlike most other plans submitted, Andrew’s landscape will have a strong presence 365 days a year. With a few adjustments, it could be readily implemented and be an excellent example of how native plants can be successfully used in an urban setting. His design was selected by a team of seven judges, including professional landscape architects and experienced native landscape installers throughout Florida. Judges gave Andrew’s plan high marks for simplicity, ease of maintenance, year-round interest and sustainability.

A resident of St. Johns, Florida, Andrew graduated from the University of Florida in 2020 with a degree in landscape architecture. As a student, he completed internships with a landscape architecture firm, design firm and engineering firm, all in Florida.

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